The advances in technology and the prevalence of social media have made the world an increasingly smaller place. It is no longer a far reach outside of the realm of possibility to quickly and effectively do business, and build community, with international organizations.

The People’s Foundation focuses its international initiatives and support globally to collaborate and be a change agent for enhancing lives and spreading the good news. This is achieved through a number of methods, including:

  • Creating an international consortium for critical issues that are challenging emerging nations and cities
  • Establishing long-term relationships and partnerships with government, Church and community leaders across the globe; implementing mentoring and strengthening initiatives to bring about change.
  • Identifying problems and needs: disseminating information to facilitate a solution to the problems, building partnerships and implementing the best solutions to help those in need to the greatest extent possible.
  • Implementing a cooperative strategic plan to necessitate both spiritual, emotional, and financial support to perform the functions the organization has been called to accomplish.

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