How Grants Work

One of the ways The People’s Foundation fulfills its mission of support to its community is through the funding of grants to organizations and programs that are in alignment with the values of Honor, Organization, Partnership, and Excellence we hold as essential to our existence.

Funding Considerations

To be considered for funding, an organization must have a 501(c)3 designation from the IRS.

The People’s Foundation is most interested in organizations that have:

  • A program that serves underprivileged groups in the community in which we serve
  • A program that focuses on academics, arts and athletic initiatives
  • A consistent and effective management team in place
  • A specific program they are seeking to fund
  • Focused goals and objectives

Focus areas include:

  • Children, Youth and Family
  • Adults and Senior Citizens
  • Health, Nutrition, Mental Health and Disabilities (especially in underserved communities)
  • Technology and Missions work
  • Faith-based initiatives

The Foundation does not fund:

  • General and administrative costs, including salaries
  • Advertising or fundraising drives
  • Partisan or political programs

Preparation and Submission:

  • Applications for grant funding must be received electronically using TPF’s online application
  • The submission period is January 15th thru March 15th
  • The grant application and proposal must include:
    • The background of the organization
    • A statement summarizing the specific purpose of the funds requested and expected outcomes
    • Target population and number of individuals to be served by the project
    • How the project will be evaluated
    • Specific dollar amount requested from the Foundation and a statement as to whether the organization has previously requested/received funding from the Foundation
    • Amounts received from other funding sources
    • Itemized budget for specific funds requested
    • Current year’s operating budget
    • Copy of 501(c)3 letter from the IRS

Recipient Responsibility:

  • The recipient of any funds from The People’s Foundation must use the funds awarded for the specific purpose of their original intent.

The Foundation will:

  • Send an automated email acknowledging receipt of the Letter of Request within 48 hours of receipt
  • Send electronic notice of the Foundation’s decision by June 30th.
  • Award funding to recipients by August 31st.

The following graphic highlights the process of grant funding through The People’s Foundation.



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