Together We Stand

The People’s Foundation (TPF) was established to support the local and international community and bring people together under a common goal of growth, unity, and charitable works. TPF provides a vehicle for philanthropic individuals and organizations to partner with the community and direct personal financial and property assets to provide opportunities for multi-generational and multi-cultural outreach and initiatives to make the world a better place.

Individual Connections for Community Impact

To support the social, educational, and community-based programs and initiatives of local and international organizations that agree with the values of the Foundation.


The People’s Foundation (TPF) serves the community—both locally in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas and abroad—through philanthropic, programmatic and professional support.

Philanthropic Support

TPF acts as a conduit for those in the immediate vicinity of The Foundation (Montgomery County and Prince Georges County, MD) that want to do good work in the community through donations, scholarships, and other financial giving. In many cases these benefactors want to remain anonymous and The People’s Foundation allows them to contribute to the growth and development of the community without undesired attention on their efforts.

Programmatic Support

Through The People’s Foundation Grant program, many organizations can continue to operate the various community service initiatives that benefit many citizens in the underserved populations in local and international areas. TPF grants help fund programs for children and youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, health/nutrition program and more.

Professional Support

The People’s Foundation has leveraged its resources in various industries to support various endeavors for our faith-based and community partners. This includes bringing in industry expertise to lend their time and professional services to bring a designated project to completion.

Recent projects of The People’s Foundation include:

  • Land purchase site work, surveying and construction evaluation for a 40-acre lot of land adjacent to TPCBC.
  • Support of the recent construction of a wellness garden at The People’s Community Baptist Church.

We look forward to continuing to lend philanthropic, programmatic and professional resources to our community, faith-based and international partners and projects.

Believe in Each Other

To support the social, educational, charitable and religious ministries of The People’s Community Baptist Church as well as community based programs and initiatives that endow the ideals and witness of the Church.


The People’s Foundation values the community that we serve and was established to assist those who are in the most need; individuals who could use additional support through social, emotional, and financial resources. We recognize that our community includes more than the immediate vicinity of Silver Spring, MD, but also the entire Greater Washington, DC region, in addition to international pursuits near and far. TPF understands that the world is much smaller and interconnected than in the recent past and many of our global neighbors have endeavors that align with our core values and mission. We are stronger together!!

The following groups of people are those whom we seek to assist:

  • Organizations, families, and individuals seeking to make charitable donations to worthy causes.
  • Individuals and families that are seeking to establish legacy funds (after death) or asset giving plans (cash, stock, real estate, business interests, restricted securitites).
  • Those organizations seeking grants for Christian Education programs.
  • • Community-service agencies and partners addressing the needs of underserved populations throughout our sphere of influence and outreach initiatives.

If you are looking for support of your program, please see our Grants page for information on financial support. Those wishing to support The Foundation in service to the community can contact us with your area of interest and we’ll be sure to connect with you.

Give To Us

We believe in integrity, transparency, reliability and accountability in fulfilling our commitments.

We understand and embrace our mission and dutifully serve as a competent and worthy trustee for donor dollars and organizational funding with the highest level of commitment and care.

We value the opportunity to work diligently in fruitful collaboration with community-service organizations and other partners to connect resource and objectives.

We continually strive to improve our responsiveness and the quality of our performance.


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